Loa Em Collection

If you are an artist who loves to paint and draw and would like your artwork on book covers, you have a lot of options. Many years ago I created a collection of paintings under the name Loa Em and decided to publish them as book covers and turned the books into journals or sketchbooks.

All the books in this Loa Em collections have 100% hand-painted covers using acrylic, watercolor, pencil, and colored ink. These were not generated by artificial intelligence or computer. However after painting and scanning them, they were color-corrected inside Adobe Photoshop. The Drawing Sketchbook has a computer-generated holographic background around the book bleed, but the roses are hand-painted.

Low-Content Pages

When you self-publish on Amazon, you will be asked whether your book has low-content. What that means is basically: does your book require the reader to fill out the pages?

All of the books in the Loa Em Collection are low-content. Inside each book are pages the user fills out, such as lined pages, colored semi-transparent tabs, or daily planner templates. The inside content of these books were created using Canva, and then I changed or added my own art or ideas to make them more original. You can go to Canva for inner page content or if you want a really unique book cover, you can use AI to create unique artwork for you. Alternatively, you can sign up for premium memberships at royalty-free stock photo websites and download artwork in which you have the license to publish for commercial use.

Loa Em Idea Journal: This hand-painted floral cover by Loa Em was created using watercolor paint, gouache, acrylic paint, graphite pencil, and ink. Productivity Booster! All pages feature beautiful, colorful floral framing

  • 200 full color pages, 6″x9″ soft matte paperback cover
  • Left-sided pages designed for brainstorming visual ideas, drawings, and sketches on blank space
  • Right-sided pages designed for writing thoughts and ideas on lines
  • Front page has a section for filling in your name “This Idea Journal Belongs To: __________”
  • Remember your amazing ideas in an inspirational book
  • Never forget your fragmented thoughts about inventions, projects, lessons, songs, or original concepts that cross your mind.
  • Whether you want to draw, write, scribble, or jot down something slow or fast, this Idea Journal can help keep your thoughts and visions organized.
  • Great gift for women, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, neighbors, or friends. Amazing present for plant lovers, gardeners, flower enthusiasts, and people who love botanical gardens. This also makes a great gift for female bosses, executives, creative artists, and professional women.

Boost your productivity and meet your goals with this
Loa Em 2023 Daily Planner with 365 pages.

The cover is a hand-painted illustration by Loa Em featuring a floral multimedia painting with gouache, watercolor, graphite, ink, and acrylic paint. Unlike many dated planners, you can begin using this versatile undated daily planner any time of year without wasting pages.

  • 12-Month dated 2023 calendar on opening page for reference (with floral & butterfly art)
  • Open scheduling format is a perfect design for notes, planning, scheduling and more, sticky-note inspired navigation for visually stunning colorful layouts
  • Calming green and yellow earth tones for balance and vitality
  • Full color on all 365 pages, Two pages per day
  • Hourly Reminders / Intentions / Goals (this is a flexible multi-functional section)
  • Today’s Gratitude section, Notes section
  • Blank “bubbles” for tracking personal health information including weight, calories, cholesterol levels, blood sugar/glucose monitoring, and/or menstrual cycles.
  • Acts of Kindness category for keeping records of kindness given or received on a daily basis
  • Water Intake glass icons, Pill / Vitamin / Supplement tracker, To-Do blank sticky note
  • Shopping List, Focus on Today blank sticky note
  • Daily Goal Monitoring System (Start, Ok, Stuck, Delay, Cancel)

This is a professional daily planner for women who are looking to boost their productivity, manage their daily tasks, track their appointments and routines, improve overall health, and set short-term and long-term goals.

The beautiful watercolor cover is uniquely painted from inspired French and American botanical gardens. The cover is a soft matte paperback texture with a flexible spine that bends smoothly. 365 individual pages. Each open spread has two pages to represent each day, providing ample room to leave notes for yourself to record, monitor, and reflect on the progress of your daily needs and desires. Boost your productivity with this goal-setting, gratitude-amplifying, health-monitoring, priority-reminding daily planner. Wonderful gift for professional women, mothers, bosses, teachers, executives, florists, plant lovers, gardeners, and people who love flowers.

This Loa Em 2023 Gratitude Journal features a hand-painted cover featuring beautiful Hawaiian flowers with a sunset over the ocean. The multimedia cover of this smooth, matte paperback book was painted with watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and also has elements of graphite pencil and ink. The inner pages include matching dual-page spreads to track grateful moments in your life.

6″ x 9″ – 200 pages, full color, hand-painted soft matte paperback cover.

  • Full color two-page spreads
  • Floral graphics on every page
  • Gratitude quotes on the bottom of the pages
  • Left-sided pages feature 4 sectioned areas for note taking
  • Right-sided pages are for journaling for “five generous minutes.”
  • Each page has an area where you can fill in that day’s date
  • Undated so you don’t waste pages on days that aren’t recorded
  • “Kindness Received” section – on left-sided pages
  • “Kindness Given” section – on left-sided pages
  • “This person helped me” section – on left-sided pages
  • “I want to remember this” section – on left-sided pages
  • Great gift for women, teenage girls, mothers, gardeners, plant lovers, artists, and grandmothers.

Loa Em Drawing Sketchbook – Hand-painted stunning cover with watercolor, gouache, acrylic, graphite pencil, and ink.

8.25″x11″ Matte hard Cover and Paperback versions, 300 pages

  • blank pages for drawing
  • thin decorative frame around the drawing areas
  • sketchbook for creative artists
  • gift for women, ladies, girls, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin
  • gift for daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, girlfriend, fiancee, bride, bridesmaid

Loa Em Dream Journal – 6″x9″ Glossy Hardcover and Matte Paperback versions, Full Color, 200 Pages, Hand-Painted Cover

  • Write short term and long term goals
  • Plan, reflect on, and track your dreams
  • Write down what you remember as soon as you wake up
  • Draw, doodle, scribble anything you want
  • Turn the book right side up, upside down, or sideways
  • Inner page has a label “This dream journal belongs to: __________”
  • Cosmos, galactic, starry, dreamy, moonlight, night sky, midnight, constellation inspiration
  • Lunar flower, moon garden, ancient stars, cosmic floral, black holes, suns, planetary rings visuals
  • Dream journaling for moon lovers and admirers of curiosity of consciousness

Hand-painted galactic flower cover illustrated by artist Loa Em using watercolor, gouache, acrylic paint, graphite pencil, and ink. This 6″x9″ 200 page dream journal features blank pages with black frame with decorative galaxy-inspired stars and gold emblems. The pages are blank instead of lined so you can draw images or visions you may see after you awaken from dreams. There is ample room to write, jot notes, and doodle in any direction you want. Keep this book by your bed so you remember things from your dreams. Makes a great gift for women, girls, mothers, grandmothers, teenage daughters, sisters, and aunts.

Loa Em Chrstmas Recipe Planner – The cover of this Christmas Recipe Planner is hand-painted by Loa Em using Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic Paint, Graphite Pencil, and Ink. The inner pages are full color recipe cards for writing your favorite family recipes. Each dual-spread is designed to contain one recipe.

  • 200 pages, 6″x9″ Soft matte paperback hand-painted cover
  • Right-sided pages contain “Recipe” section for serving size, ingredients, instructions, and more
  • Left-sided pages contain “Notes” section for additional information about the recipe
  • Beautiful, full color Christmas themed scenic framing around each page
  • Your very own personal recipe book for collecting holiday meal ideas for desserts, dinners, lunches, appetizers, snacks, beverages, and other Christmas treats.
  • Family keepsake to preserve heirloom recipes
  • Great gift for mom, grandma, sister, aunt, daughter, or women who love to cook
  • Fun Secret Santa present for a boss, co-worker, neighbor, teacher, or friend

If any of these books look interesting to you, feel free to buy one for yourself or for your friends and family as special gifts. Or you can make and publish your own and start selling on Amazon today!