My Books

If I can publish books, so can you! Here are some of the books I have published in the past year. Support independent writers and buy a copy. It would really make my day 🙂

10,000+ Writing Prompts: The Ultimate Writer’s Companion
This book has everything from plot ideas to story ideas to word lists, definitions, and even random words!

Heaven: A Soothing Exploration of Our Galaxies
This is the most poetic, beautiful book about the universe, while exploring multiple galaxies, planets, nebulae, supernovae, black holes, time travel, constellations, and so much more!

My Hand-Painted Covers of the Loa Em Collection 
I hand-painted the covers by hand using watercolor, gouache, acrylic, ink, and pencil. The inner pages were created using other artist’s layouts in Canva and then slightly modified by me.

My Digitally Illustrated Journals
I illustrated the cover using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and created the inner pages myself using Adobe InDesign.

Mama Bella’s Cookbook
I photographed 500 pictures and wrote the book over the course of a month while living in a hotel with my family. These recipes are step-by-step pictures of how to cook!

Journals of America Collection
These covers were designed by other artists.

Jab Boone Murder Mystery Series
This 18-book murder mystery set was written (without AI) by my father, Michael Catalano. It is primarily dialogue-based. He transferred the copyright to me, and I edited and reformatted the books, redesigned the covers, and published them as new content.