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If you are interested in publishing books but are worried it will take you forever to get it done, I just want to encourage you. It took me ONE HOUR to publish these TWO books. Both of these journals were created from start to finish in 20 minutes and submitted for publishing on Amazon within 10 minutes. Thirty minutes per book times two books equals ONE HOUR.

Now granted, the inside of the books has little to no content. The first book has lined pages (I got the lines premade from Canva), and the second book is a blank sketchbook, so it only has a single repeated decorative line on the top of each page. The covers were graphics that I used from where I had a premium membership. NONE of the content was mine. But if anyone buys them, I get royalties. Even if you have no experience in writing or creating art, you can still publish your own books.

Knowledge is Power Blank Lined Notebook College Composition Book For Young Men: Birthday or Christmas Present Gift For Men Wolf Cover – 165 pages blank lined pages with soft matte paperback cover. This is perfect for male college students, teenage boys, and anyone who loves wolves, writing, and knowledge.

Available on Amazon here

United We Stand Divided We Fail Journal – This American sketchbook features blank pages for drawing, brainstorming, and sketching out your ideas to make America a better place and unite our country. Use this journal as a sketchbook or writing book for jotting down facts, quotes, thoughts, links, excerpts from articles, and anything that helps your research or inner growth. Each page features a decorative divider line beneath the title of the book. This is a great gift for American patriots who have a strong love of country. 165 pages total. The thick paperback cover has a very nice, smooth matte texture. Available on Amazon here.