Hello and welcome! I’m Isabella Suzanne. I go by many names! Sometimes I’m Isabella, Bella, Suzanne, Sue, Mama Bella, or something else. Sometimes I’m an anonymous ghost writer. When I was 14 years old, my father and I published our own poetry magazine called Melting Trees Review. From a very early age, my writing was published in a variety of magazines, books, and papers. By the time I was 15, I was co-editor of our school literary magazine, Pneuma, in our Creative Writing class and Opinion Editor of our school newspaper, The Washingtonian. At the 17, I was a staff writer for a local newspaper, The Eclectic Observer. And by the time I was 20, I was working at a daily newspaper as a graphic designer at The Montgomery Advertiser. From there I just started publishing my own works. At age 23 I completed my first self-published book. I’m over 40 now, so as you can imagine, I’ve been writing for quite some time. My father continues to write. In fact, he wrote an 18-book murder mystery series over the course of ten years, and I recently published it for him. He and I have never stopped writing. Now I’m publishing our writing projects using Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon.

In addition to being a writer, I am also an artist. My digital art is on many book covers. I’ve studied digital animation and various art classes in college. I’m a digital art teacher, an English tutor, an elementary art teacher, and former preschool teacher. I hand-painted all of the Loa Em book covers. All of the digital art illustrations on the Dragon sketchbook and Mrs. Claus’ Gifting Journal are 100% illustrated by me. All the photography in Mama Bella’s cookbook are my own pictures.

Here is what I’ve been working on this year. First up is 10,000+ Writing Prompts.

This is my most popular book:

10,000+ Writing Prompts: Ultimate Writer’s Companion is an excellent reference book for character development, personality building, scene creation, vocabulary enrichment, creative writing exercises/warm-ups, definitions for uncommon/rare words, and so much more!

50+ Warm-Ups For Writer’s Block, 50+ Warm-Ups For Dialogue Writing, 220+ Warm-Ups For Characters & Scenes, 205+ Mystery & Thriller Prompts, 210+ Action & Adventure Prompts, 200+ Dramatic Writing Prompts, 80+ Kids & Family Writing Prompts, 100 Romance & Relationships Writing Prompts, 115 War Story Prompts, 160+ Spy & Undercover Writing Prompts, 215 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writing Prompts, 110 Paranormal Writing Prompts, 165+ Horror Story Writing Prompts, 250+ Memoir Writing Prompts, 85 Poetry Prompts, 715 Emotion/Feeling Word Prompts, 300 Preposition Prompts, 3895 Adverb Prompts,
500+ Verb Prompts, 115 Hair Texture Prompts, 230 Hair Color Prompts, 50 Body Type Prompts, 70+ Skin Color Prompts, 50 Skin Texture Prompts, 120+ Tattoos For Characters, 300 Setting/Scenic Prompts, 50 Character Pros & Cons Prompts, 100+ Culture Prompts, 200 Descriptive Phrase Prompts, 4000+ Random Word Prompts, 1800+ Adjective Prompts, 150+ Onomatopoeia Prompts, and 250+ Interjection Prompts.

Heaven: A Soothing Exploration of our Galaxies is a captivating and thought-provoking exploration of the vast and wondrous universe that surrounds us. It delves into the mysteries of astronomy, from the intricate workings of our galaxies and planets to the dazzling beauty of constellations, suns, and cosmic dust. With a blend of poetry and scientific facts, this book is designed to be read aloud to your loved ones, creating a relaxing and therapeutic experience that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. (Available in Hard Cover, Paperback, and eBook)

I created the Loa Em Collection with my own hand-painted drawings on the covers.

I also photographed, wrote, designed, and published Mama Bella’s Cookbook under the name Mama Bella. It has over 500 photos and my own recipes. I cooked everything inside a hotel room with no oven, and nothing is microwaved. Most of it was made with an electric skillet or two stove burners.

My father spent 10 years writing an 18-book Jab Boone Murder Mystery Series, and I edited the books, designed the covers, formatted everything, and published it for him. Here they are!

Check out the section that says My Books to look through them! Not all of my books are listed here on this site (I’m a ghostwriter too).

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