300 Prepositions List


Prepositions are important words that are used to link nouns, pronouns, and phrases to other words within a sentence. They are used to convey the relationship between the object of the preposition and other words in the sentence. Pick a preposition, then start a sentence with it or contain it within a sentence.  Here are some examples to help you get started:


  1. Under the pale moonlight, she tiptoed through the abandoned mansion, her heart racing. 
  2. The secret treasure was hidden under the ancient oak tree, waiting to be discovered.


  1. Between the pages of her diary, she poured out her deepest secrets and desires.
  2. The tension between the two rival gangs reached its peak, threatening to ignite a violent war.”


  1. Behind the closed doors, he plotted his revenge, his mind consumed by darkness.
  2. The mysterious figure lurked behind the curtains, observing every move with sinister intent.


  1. Across the vast ocean, they embarked on a perilous journey in search of a new beginning.
  2. The graffiti artist left his mark across the city, turning dull walls into vibrant works of art.


  1. Within the depths of her soul, a flicker of hope remained, refusing to be extinguished.
  2. The ancient artifact held a hidden power within, capable of changing the course of history.”
  1. À la: In the style of.
  2. Ablow: below or beneath.
  3. Abeam: at the side of.
  4. Aboard: On or in a vehicle, aircraft, or ship.
  5. Aboon: Above.
  6. About: Concerning; regarding.
  7. Above: In or to a higher place; over.
  8. Abreast: Side-by-side
  9. Abroad: In or to a foreign country; outside one’s own country.
  10. Absent: Not present in a place or at an event.
  11. According To: As stated by; in accordance with.
  12. Across: On the other side of; from one side to the other.
  13. Adrift: floating without direction.
  14. Aft: toward or near the stern of a ship.
  15. After: at or during the time following something.
  16. Afterward(s): happening at a time subsequent to a reference point.
  17. Against: in opposition or resistance to something.
  18. Ago: in the past.
  19. Aground: Positioned on the ground/shore, typically due to the tide or lack of speed.
  20. Ahead: in or toward the front or future.
  21. Ahead of: preceding in time or order.
  22. Aloft: high in the air.
  23. Along: in a line or in parallel with something.
  24. Along with: in addition to something.
  25. Alongside: near or beside something.
  26. Although: used to introduce a statement that contrasts with a previous statement.
  27. Amid: in the middle of something.
  28. Amidst: surrounded by something.
  29. Among: in the middle of a group of things or people.
  30. Amongst: surrounded by a group of things or people.
  31. Anent: concerning or regarding something.
  32. Anti: against or opposite.
  33. Apart: separated by a distance or interval of space.
  34. Apart from: excluding or not including something.
  35. Around: in a circular direction.
  36. As: in the same way as something.
  37. As Far As: Up to a certain point or extent.
  38. As Per: According to or in accordance with.
  39. As To: Regarding or concerning.
  40. As Well As: In addition to or along with.
  41. Ashore: on or to the shore of a body of water.
  42. Aside: To the side or out of the way.
  43. Aside from: Apart from or except for.
  44. Aslant: At an angle or slanting.
  45. Astern: behind or at the back.
  46. Astride: With a leg on each side.
  47. At: In or near a particular place or position.
  48. At Large: On a large scale.
  49. At Least: No less than.
  50. At Once: Immediately.
  51. At The Behest Of: done at the request of or with the permission of someone.
  52. Atop: On top of or above.
  53. Away: In a different location or direction.
  54. Away From: Not in the vicinity or presence of.
  55. Back: in or toward a past time or state.
  56. Back To: To return to.
  57. Backward(s): in the opposite direction of forward.
  58. Bar: Except for; excluding.
  59. Barring: Except for or unless.
  60. Because Of: Due to or as a result of.
  61. Before: Prior to or in front of.
  62. Beforehand: in advance; beforehand.
  63. Behind: At the back of or in the rear of.
  64. Below: lower than.
  65. Beneath: directly under.
  66. Beside: at the side of.
  67. Besides: in addition to.
  68. Between: in the middle of.
  69. Betwixt: between two things.
  70. Beyond: farther away than.
  71. But: except for.
  72. But for: if not for.
  73. By: next to.
  74. By means of: through the use of.
  75. By Now: Up to this point in time.
  76. Chez: at the house of.
  77. Circa: approximately.
  78. Close To: Near or adjacent to.
  79. Concerning: Related to.
  80. Considering: Thinking about or taking into account.
  81. Contrary To: Opposite to or in opposition to.
  82. Counter To: Opposed to.
  83. Counting: Including or taking into account.
  84. Cum: With.
  85. Dehors: Outside or beyond.
  86. Depending On: Based on or determined by.
  87. Despite: In spite of or in the face of.
  88. Down: Toward a lower place or position.
  89. Downhill: in a direction or slope that is downward.
  90. Downstage: towards or nearer the audience in a theater.
  91. Downstairs: on or to a lower floor of a building.
  92. Downstream: in the direction of the current of a stream or river.
  93. Downward(s): toward a lower place, point, or level.
  94. Downwind: in the direction that the wind is blowing.
  95. Due To: Caused by or resulting from.
  96. During: Throughout the duration of.
  97. East: the direction towards the rising sun
  98. Eastward(s): the direction of moving towards the east
  99. Effective: Having a result or impact.
  100. Ere: Before; prior to.
  101. Except: Excluding; not including.
  102. Except For: With the exception of.
  103. Excepting: Excluding; not including.
  104. Excluding: Not including; leaving out.
  105. Failing: In the absence or lack of.
  106. Far: At a great distance.
  107. Far From: Not close to; distant from.
  108. Far Within: Deeply inside; at a great depth.
  109. Following: After; in the time or order that comes next.
  110. For: In support of; in favor of.
  111. For The Sake Of: done in order to achieve a particular goal or purpose.
  112. For Want Of: due to the lack of something.
  113. Forth: forward in time or space
  114. Forby: In addition to; besides.
  115. Forward(s): in the direction of the front
  116. From: Starting at a certain point or place.
  117. Further to: In addition to; furthermore.
  118. Further from: At a greater distance from.
  119. Given: Considering; taking into account.
  120. Gone: No longer present; departed.
  121. Granted: Assuming that.
  122. Heavenward(s): towards the sky
  123. Hence: For this reason; therefore; from this place or time.
  124. Henceforth: from now on
  125. Here: in this place
  126. Hereby: by means of this
  127. Herein: in this document or place
  128. Hereof: of this
  129. Hereto: to this
  130. Herewith: with this
  131. Home: to one’s residence
  132. Homeward(s): towards one’s home
  133. In: Something that is happening or existing within a certain place or time.
  134. In Accordance With: Something that is in agreement with a specific rule or standard.
  135. In Addition To: Something that is in addition to the main item or element.
  136. In An Instant: Immediately.
  137. In Between: Something that is located between two other things.
  138. In Case Of: A situation in which a particular action is needed.
  139. In Compliance With: done in accordance with a rule or law.
  140. In Face Of: Something that is occurring in spite of opposition or difficulty.
  141. In Favor Of: Indicate support or approval of something.
  142. In Front Of: Indicate something that is located in front of something else.
  143. In Lieu Of: Something that is substituted or chosen in place of another.
  144. In Light Of: A situation or event that is considered in order to make a decision.
  145. In Place Of: Something that is substituted or chosen in place of another.
  146. In Return: As a result.
  147. In Spite Of: Something that is occurring in spite of opposition or difficulty.
  148. In To: Denote movement towards a certain place or thing.
  149. In View Of: Something that has been taken into account in order to make a decision.
  150. In With: used to express that two or more people or things are in the same place.
  151. Inboard: inside or towards the center of a ship.
  152. Included In: Used to indicate something that is included in a larger group or set.
  153. Including: Something that is included among a list of other items.
  154. Indoors: inside a building
  155. Inside: Something that is located within a certain place or thing.
  156. Instead of: Something that is being substituted or chosen in place of another.
  157. Intil: Until. A certain point in time up to which something is expected to occur.
  158. Into: Used to indicate movement towards a certain place or thing.
  159. Inward(s): towards the inside
  160. Leftward(s): towards the left
  161. Less: Not as much as.
  162. Lest: For fear that.
  163. Like: Similar to.
  164. Mid: In the middle of.
  165. Malgre: Despite.
  166. Minus: Subtraction of.
  167. Modulo: With respect to the remainder.
  168. Natheless: Nevertheless.
  169. Near: Close to.
  170. Near To: In close proximity to.
  171. Next: Following in order.
  172. Next To: Adjacent to.
  173. North: Toward the northern direction.
  174. Northeast: Toward the northeast direction.
  175. Northward(s): Toward the north direction.
  176. Northwest: Toward the northwest direction.
  177. Notwithstanding: In spite of.
  178. Now: At this moment.
  179. O’er: An archaic term for ‘over.’
  180. Of: Expressing the relationship between a part and a whole.
  181. Off: Away from a place or thing.
  182. Off Of: A colloquial way of saying ‘off.’
  183. Offshore: Away from the shore.
  184. On: Resting on a surface or in contact with something.
  185. On Account Of: Because of or due to something.
  186. On Behalf Of: Acting as a representative for someone or something.
  187. On Board: On or in a vehicle.
  188. On To: Moving onto the next step or stage.
  189. On Top Of: Situated above something else.
  190. Onto: Moving to a place or position.
  191. Onward(s): Forward in time or space.
  192. Opposite: Facing, directly across from.
  193. Other Than: Apart from, not including.
  194. Out: Away from the inside or center.
  195. Out From: Away from a specific place.
  196. Out Of: Away from the inside or center of a place.
  197. Outdoors: Out in the open air.
  198. Outside: Away from the inside or center.
  199. Outward(s): Toward the outside.
  200. Over: Above or higher than something else.
  201. Overboard: Over the edge of a ship.
  202. Overcross: to cross over something.
  203. Overhead: Above the head.
  204. Overland: Across land.
  205. Overseas: Across the sea.
  206. Owing To: due to.
  207. Pace: Speed.
  208. Past: before.
  209. Pending: awaiting.
  210. Per: for each.
  211. Pertaining To: Relating to.
  212. Plus: in addition to.
  213. Post: after.
  214. Pre: before.
  215. Preparatory To: in preparation for.
  216. Prior To: before.
  217. Pro: in favor of.
  218. Provided: On condition that.
  219. Providing: As long as.
  220. Pursuant To: In accordance with.
  221. Qua: as.
  222. Rather Than: Instead of.
  223. Re: concerning.
  224. Regarding: about.
  225. Regardless Of: despite.
  226. Rightward(s): Toward the right.
  227. Round: around.
  228. Round About: Approximately.
  229. Seaward(s): Toward the sea.
  230. Short: Of a lesser duration.
  231. Since: from a point in time.
  232. Skyward(s): Toward the sky.
  233. South: Toward the southern direction.
  234. Southeast: Toward the southeast direction.
  235. Southward(s): Toward the south direction.
  236. Southwest: Toward the southwest direction.
  237. Subsequent To: After.
  238. Such As: For example.
  239. Supposing: Assuming.
  240. Than: used to compare two things.
  241. Thanks to: expressing appreciation for something.
  242. Then: At that time.
  243. Thence: From that place.
  244. Thenceforth: From then on.
  245. There: At that place.
  246. Thereby: As a result of that.
  247. Therein: Inside that.
  248. Thereof: Of that.
  249. Thereto: To that.
  250. Therewith: Along with that.
  251. Through: from one end to the other.
  252. Throughout: everywhere in a particular area.
  253. Thru: a variant of ‘through.’
  254. Thruout: Throughout.
  255. Till: up to a certain point in time.
  256. Times: multiplied by a certain number.
  257. To: expressing direction or movement.
  258. Together: In a group.
  259. Together With: in combination with.
  260. Touching: in contact with.
  261. Toward: in the direction of something.
  262. Towards: variant of ‘toward.’
  263. Under: lower than something else.
  264. Underboard: Under the ship.
  265. Underfoot: Beneath one’s feet.
  266. Underground: Below the surface of the ground.
  267. Underneath: located below something else.
  268. Unlike: not like something else.
  269. Until: up to a certain point in time.
  270. Unto: a variant of ‘until.’
  271. Up: in a higher place.
  272. Up Until: up to a certain point in time.
  273. Uphill: Towards an elevated position.
  274. Upon: a variant of ‘on.’
  275. Upstage: At or towards the back of a theatrical stage.
  276. Upstairs: To or on a higher floor of a building.
  277. Upstream: In the opposite direction to the flow of a river.
  278. Upward(s): Towards a higher position or level.
  279. Upwind: In the direction of the wind.
  280. Versus: in opposition or contrast to.
  281. Via: through the medium of.
  282. Vice: In place of.
  283. Vis-À-Vis: Face to face or in comparison with.
  284. Wanting: Lacking or missing.
  285. West: The direction to the left of one facing north.
  286. Westward(s): Towards the west.
  287. Whence: From where.
  288. Whereby: By which.
  289. Wherein: In which.
  290. Whereto: To which.
  291. Wherewith: With which.
  292. Whilst: At the same time as.
  293. With: Accompanied by.
  294. With A View Of: Taking into account or considering.
  295. With A View To: Aiming or intending.
  296. With Reference To: Referring or concerning.
  297. With Regard To: Regarding or concerning.
  298. Within: Inside the limits or boundaries of.
  299. Without: Not having or accompanied by.
  300. Worth: Having a certain value or worth.