Jab Boone Murder Mystery Series

My father, Michael Catalano, wrote the 18-book Jab Boone Murder Mystery Series. He transferred the copyright to me in a legal copyright transfer statement, and I have been reformatting and republishing them for him. He first published them over a decade ago but wanted me to take them to the next level. Although all 18 books are available in paperback format, I have only edited the first 6 of 18 of them. If you see that a book is available in ebook format, it means I have edited and proofread it. Otherwise, you are reading his original work (which may contain errors).

Series description:

The Jab Boone Murder Mysteries comprise of 18 volumes.

Vol. 1 Wolf Meat: A sheriff struggles to find the body of 15-year old Leona Wilkes and enlists in Jab’s help to track her. Jab soon discovers that he is the hunted prey—by the same man responsible for his wife’s murder.

Vol. 2 The Termite Brigade: A sheriff taps Jab to find a kidnapped charter school teacher. But when Jab finds her body too late, it’s up to Jab and the sheriff’s department to stop teen killers swearing vengeance on anyone standing in their way!

Vol. 3 The Caveman and the Dinosaur: A car-bombing, similar to the one that killed Tiffin Boone and friends four years ago, resurfaces in the Bay Area. It turns out that the bomb maker has his sights on Jab Boone!

Vol. 4 The Power Brokers: Jab Boone is lured out of retirement to track the missing brother of a fellow orphan. Little did he know that his tracking expertise would lead to gold smugglers and dark secrets under a carefully constructed lake!

Vol. 5 Bread Crumbs: Spangler the Strangler escapes from a prison transport en route to a super-maximum facility. He has one goal in mind: revenge on the man who put him there 25 years ago—Jab Boone!

Vol. 6 The Heir Apparents: A badly injured Jab Boone taps his top three students to find mosque bombers. Jab must trust a Saudi exchange student to be his voice—or have the mission result in fatal disaster!

Vol. 7 The Seventh Sense: While ultra-extremist Arab murderers are on a rampage in California, Jab must track a 12-year old cold case by the victim’s voice only!

Vol. 8 The Ulcer Files: Ezra Parkinson discovers the American Indian that taught Jab’s grandfather the art of tracking 40 years ago. But that discovery unearths deadly secrets—and those determined to keep them!

Vol. 9 Tunnel Vision: Jab’s town turns against him after his student trackers discover twenty dead girls were—drug-lord daughters of the Huerta Cartel! Jab’s determined to find the truth—and clear his name!

Vol. 10 The Overdogs: Ezra receives an anonymous package detailing the bullying death of a former classmate that has haunted him over 30 years. With Jab’s and the FBI’s help, Ezra face his billionaire tormenters.

Vol. 11 The Chinese Box: A dying ex-GI is killing American Indian brujos and shaman. He’s holed up deep under the Owyhee Mountains. Jab’s team discovers his hide-out only to become The Doorman’s prisoners themselves!

Vol. 12 The Vibe Patch: The President’s 17-year old daughter is kidnapped along the Appalachian Trail and her Secret Service detail is wiped out. It’s a race against time to find her—and stop a band of eco-terrorists!

Vol. 13 The Banner: Kaliningrad separatists murder a Russian diplomat on American soil causing an FBI manhunt. They were spotted in Big Sur where Jab Boone conducted an adjacent manhunt—with himself as the prey!

Vol. 14 The Cries of the Innocent: A year ago, Jab tracked the voice of Cristie Wickersham to her grisly resting place. Now, Jab’s after the two ex-privates responsible and won’t rest until they are apprehended!

Vol. 15 The Icicle Squad: Jab and his students discover missing teenage girls are Girl Scouts. As more bodies are found, it’s up to Jab’s team to stop the person responsible—before any more Girl Scouts are killed!

Vol. 16 Bad Dominos: Jab and the FBI must rescue a terrified teenage girl with the help of a Mexican drug-lord to quash the Miami syndicate!

Vol. 17 The Last Gatekeeper: The revamped Termite Brigade are back and murdering law enforcement without remorse. As the body count mounts, Jab and his posse invade the Brigade’s strongholds, knowing that retaliation would be swift and sure!

Vol. 18 Claustrophobia: After convulsing and passing out in a plane, Jab decides to confront his lifelong fear: claustrophobia, He hires Ezra to investigate—himself!