700+ Emotion Words and Feeling Words List

This comprehensive list contains a wide range of emotions and feelings that can add depth and complexity to your characters in a story. Select a specific emotion or feeling and challenge yourself to write a paragraph describing a character who is experiencing that particular emotion. Dive into their thoughts, actions, and reactions, and bring their inner world to life. Let the power of words evoke empathy and understanding as you delve into the rich tapestry of human emotions.

Here are some examples for using the following word list as writing prompts. Consider these emotional words and setting the scene for your character(s):

Ecstatic: Imagine a character who has just received the news of their dream job offer. Describe their overwhelming joy and excitement as they jump up and down, unable to contain their happiness.

Melancholy: Picture a character sitting alone in a dimly lit room, lost in their thoughts. Describe their deep sadness and longing as they reminisce about a lost love or a missed opportunity.

Envious: Create a character who is constantly comparing themselves to others and feeling a sense of resentment. Describe their burning desire to possess what others have, and the bitterness that consumes them.

Serene: Paint a picture of a character who finds solace in nature. Describe their peaceful state of mind as they sit by a tranquil lake, listening to the gentle rustling of leaves and feeling a sense of calm wash over them.

Anxious: Imagine a character who is about to face a daunting challenge or make a life-changing decision. Describe their racing heart, sweaty palms, and the overwhelming sense of unease that grips them.

Content: Create a character who has found true happiness and satisfaction in life. Describe their inner peace and the sense of fulfillment they experience as they embrace the present moment.

Frustrated: Picture a character who is faced with constant obstacles and setbacks. Describe their mounting anger and irritation as they struggle to overcome these challenges.

Nostalgic: Imagine a character who stumbles upon an old photograph or visits a childhood home. Describe the bittersweet mix of joy and sadness as they reminisce about the past and long for simpler times.

Excited: Create a character who is eagerly anticipating an upcoming event or adventure. Describe their bubbling enthusiasm and the anticipation that fills their every thought.

Grateful: Paint a picture of a character who has experienced hardship but still finds reasons to be thankful. Describe their deep appreciation for the small joys in life and the people who have supported them.

Remember, these words are just a starting point. Feel free to explore and expand upon them to create rich and vivid descriptions of your characters’ emotions. Happy writing!

  1. Abhorred: a deep, profound and overwhelming sense of revulsion and disgust.
  2. Abominable: causing moral revulsion
  3. Absolute: not qualified or diminished in any way 
  4. Absorbed: having one’s attention fully engaged 
  5. Abused: treated with cruelty or violence 
  6. Accepted: generally believed or recognized to be valid or correct 
  7. Aching: sore; throbbing with pain; feeling intense or wistful sadness
  8. Adore: love and respect (someone) deeply; worship; venerate
  9. Admired: Regarded with respect and approval.
  10. Affected: Influenced or touched by an external factor.
  11. Affectionate: Showing fondness or love.
  12. Afflicted: Suffering from a physical or mental ailment.
  13. Afire: On fire or burning.
  14. Afraid: Feeling fear or apprehension.
  15. Aggravated: Irritated or annoyed.
  16. Agitated: Feeling or appearing troubled or restless.
  17. Agony: Intense physical or mental suffering.
  18. Alarmed: Feeling a sudden sense of fear or concern.
  19. Alienated: Feeling isolated or estranged from others.
  20. Alive: Having life or living.
  21. Amazement: A feeling of great surprise or wonder.
  22. Ambitious: Having a strong desire to succeed or achieve something.
  23. Ambivalent: Having mixed feelings or contradictory emotions.
  24. Amicable: Characterized by friendliness and goodwill.
  25. Amorous: Showing or expressing romantic or sexual desire.
  26. Amused: Entertained or finding something funny.
  27. Anger: Strong feeling of displeasure or rage.
  28. Anguished: Experiencing severe mental or physical pain or distress.
  29. Annoyed: Irritated or bothered by something.
  30. Anticipation: Excited or anxious expectation for something to happen.
  31. Antsy: Restless or impatient.
  32. Anxiety-free: Free from feelings of worry or unease.
  33. Anxious: Feeling worried or uneasy about something.
  34. Apologetic: Feeling or showing regret or remorse for a mistake or wrongdoing.
  35. Appalled: Shocked or horrified by something.
  36. Apprehensive: Feeling anxious or fearful about something that may happen.
  37. Ardent: Showing strong enthusiasm or passion.
  38. Arrested: Stopped or halted suddenly.
  39. Aroused: Excited or stimulated, often sexually.
  40. Ashamed: Feeling embarrassed or guilty about something.
  41. Assured: Confident and self-assured.
  42. Astonished: Filled with sudden and overwhelming surprise or amazement.
  43. Astute: Showing keen perception and shrewdness.
  44. Athletic: Physically strong, fit, and skilled in sports or physical activities.
  45. Attracted: Drawn towards someone or something.
  46. Attractive: Pleasing or appealing to the senses or aesthetic taste.
  47. Authentic: Genuine and true to its origin or nature.
  48. Authoritative: Having or showing authority, commanding respect.
  49. Awe: A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.
  50. Awestruck: Filled with a feeling of deep respect, wonder, or fear.
  51. Awful: Extremely bad or unpleasant.
  52. Awkward: Lacking grace or ease; uncomfortable.
  53. Bad-Tempered: Easily annoyed or irritated.
  54. Baffled: Confused or puzzled.
  55. Bashful: Shy or timid.
  56. Battered: Damaged or worn down by use or abuse.
  57. Beaming: Radiating happiness or joy.
  58. Beautiful: A quality of being aesthetically pleasing to the senses.
  59. Befuddled: Confused and disoriented.
  60. Beguiled: Delightfully charmed or captivated.
  61. Bemused: Amused in a puzzled way.
  62. Betrayed: Treacherously violated the trust of another person.
  63. Bewildered: Perplexed and confused.
  64. Bitter: Having a sharp, acrid taste or smell.
  65. Blessed: Highly favored or fortunate.
  66. Blissful: A feeling of great joy and happiness.
  67. Blistered: To have a bubble-like swelling on the skin caused by a burn or other injury.
  68. Blown Away: To be extremely impressed or amazed.
  69. Blue: A color between green and violet on the visible spectrum, evoking feelings of sadness or melancholy.
  70. Boiling: To be heated to the point of bubbling or steaming.
  71. Bold: Confidently taking risks and speaking out.
  72. Boredom: A state of being uninterested in or apathetic towards one’s surroundings.
  73. Bothered: To feel disturbed, annoyed, or troubled.
  74. Bought: To obtain something in exchange for money or other payment.
  75. Brave: To be courageous and unafraid in the face of danger or difficulty.
  76. Bright: Having intense illumination or vivid color.
  77. Brilliant: Exceptionally intelligent or talented.
  78. Broken: Having been fractured or damaged.
  79. Broken-Hearted: Feeling extreme sorrow, disappointment, or despair.
  80. Bruised: Having a discolored mark from a blow or injury.
  81. Buff: Physically strong and fit.
  82. Bummer: Unpleasant or disappointing experience.
  83. Burdened: Laden with a heavy load or responsibility.
  84. Burning: Subject to intense heat or flame.
  85. Busy: Engaged in many activities.
  86. Caged: Shut up or confined in a cage.
  87. Calm: Peaceful and relaxed.
  88. Candid: Open and honest.
  89. Carefree: Without worries or responsibilities.
  90. Carelessness: Lack of attention or caution.
  91. Caring: Showing concern and kindness.
  92. Casual: Relaxed and informal.
  93. Cautious: Being careful and aware of potential risks.
  94. Certainty: Firm belief or confidence in something.
  95. Challenged: Feeling tested or pushed beyond one’s abilities.
  96. Charmed: Delighted or enchanted by someone or something.
  97. Charming: Pleasant and attractive in a way that captivates others.
  98. Cheated: to have taken advantage of another’s trust or ignorance for one’s own benefit.
  99. Cheered-Up: to have become more cheerful.
  100. Cheerful: exhibiting an upbeat attitude and optimism.
  101. Cherished: to have held someone or something in high esteem.
  102. Clever: having or showing quick-wittedness or inventiveness.
  103. Close: near in space, time, or relationship.
  104. Clueless: lacking knowledge or understanding.
  105. Coerced: to have compelled someone to do something against their will.
  106. Cold: having a low temperature.
  107. Cold-Hearted: lacking sympathy or feeling.
  108. Comforted: to have made someone feel better about a difficult situation.
  109. Commanding: having authority or power to influence.
  110. Committed: devoted to a cause, activity, or job.
  111. Compassion: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
  112. Compelling: having the power to force attention or engagement.
  113. Compersion: joy in the joy of another.
  114. Composed: calm and in control of oneself.
  115. Conceited: having an excessively high opinion of oneself.
  116. Concerned: worried or anxious about something.
  117. Condemned: judged to be wrong or evil.
  118. Confident: having certainty in one’s beliefs or abilities.
  119. Conflicted: having competing desires, ideas, or opinions.
  120. Confused: unable to think with clarity or act with understanding.
  121. Connected: Being in a state of communication or relationship.
  122. Conquered: To take control of something by force.
  123. Constricted: To reduce the size, scope, or freedom of something.
  124. Contemplative: To think deeply and carefully about something.
  125. Contempt: Feeling of strong disdain or disdainful attitude.
  126. Content: Feeling of satisfaction and happiness.
  127. Controlling: Having the power to dictate or influence a situation.
  128. Convulsed: To be suddenly overcome by an intense feeling or emotion.
  129. Cordial: Characterized by warmth, friendliness, and sincerity.
  130. Courage: The strength or determination to do something difficult or dangerous.
  131. Crabby: Being irritable or bad-tempered.
  132. Cradled: Held tenderly and carefully in one’s arms.
  133. Cranky: Easily irritated or bad-tempered.
  134. Craving: A strong, urgent desire or longing for something.
  135. Crazy: Very foolish, illogical or eccentric.
  136. Cross: Irritated, angry or annoyed.
  137. Crushed: Intensely disappointed or defeated.
  138. Curiosity: A strong desire to know or learn something.
  139. Cynical: Believing that people are motivated by self-interest.
  140. Daring: Showing courage and willingness to take risks.
  141. Dear: Beloved; cherished.
  142. Deceived: Misled or tricked.
  143. Defeat: To be overcome or vanquished.
  144. Defensive: Ready to defend oneself or one’s position.
  145. Defiance: Bold resistance and disobedience.
  146. Dejected: Discouraged, disheartened or dispirited.
  147. Delighted: feeling great joy and pleasure.
  148. Delirious: wildly excited or ecstatic.
  149. Demolished: destroyed completely.
  150. Demoralized: disheartened and discouraged.
  151. Denial: refusal to admit the truth.
  152. Dependence: reliance on someone or something else.
  153. Depressed: feeling sad, down, or despairing.
  154. Derisive: an expression of scorn or mockery.
  155. Deserted: abandoned and empty.
  156. Desire: a strong feeling of wanting something.
  157. Desolate: Devoid of life; empty; barren.
  158. Despair: A feeling of complete hopelessness and helplessness.
  159. Desperation: A feeling of extreme urgency or need.
  160. Despised: To be disliked or held in contempt.
  161. Destroyed: To be completely ruined or demolished.
  162. Determined: Resolute, stubbornly resolved.
  163. Detested: To feel intense dislike and hatred for something.
  164. Devastated: To be overwhelmed with grief, shock, or sorrow.
  165. Diffident: To be shy, timid, or lacking in confidence.
  166. Diminished: To be reduced in size, extent, or intensity.
  167. Directionless: To have no sense of direction or purpose.
  168. Disappointed: To feel let down or unsatisfied.
  169. Disbelieving: Not believing or accepting something as true.
  170. Discarded: Thrown away or abandoned.
  171. Discouraged: Feeling disheartened or demotivated.
  172. Disgraced: Having lost honor or respect.
  173. Disgusted: Feeling strong aversion or revulsion.
  174. Disheartened: Feeling discouraged or dispirited.
  175. Disinterested: Not interested or involved.
  176. Disillusioned: Feeling disappointed or disillusioned.
  177. Dislike: Not having a favorable opinion or feeling towards something or someone.
  178. Dismal: Gloomy or depressing.
  179. Dismayed: Feeling shocked and upset.
  180. Disorganized: Lacking in organization.
  181. Displeased: Unhappy or unsatisfied.
  182. Dissatisfied: Feeling discontent or unfulfilled.
  183. Distant: Separated or removed in space or time.
  184. Distraught: Extremely upset or agitated.
  185. Distress: Mental suffering or anguish.
  186. Disturbed: Unsettled, uneasy, or worried.
  187. Diverted: Distracted or changed in focus or direction.
  188. Doleful: Expressing sorrow or sadness.
  189. Dominant: Exercising control or influence over others.
  190. Dominated: Controlled or influenced by others.
  191. Doubtful: Uncertain or unsure.
  192. Down: Feeling sad or depressed.
  193. Dopey: Silly or foolish.
  194. Downcast: Feeling dejected or discouraged.
  195. Downhearted: Feeling disheartened or discouraged.
  196. Drained: Exhausted or depleted of energy.
  197. Dread: Intense fear or apprehension.
  198. Dreamy: Lost in thought or fantasy.
  199. Driven: motivated by ambition or desire.
  200. Dull: lacking in interest or excitement.
  201. Dumbfounded: astonished and confused.
  202. Duped: tricked or deceived.
  203. Dynamic: having energy and enthusiasm.
  204. Eagerness: enthusiasm and keenness.
  205. Earnest: having or showing intensity of feeling.
  206. Ecstatic: feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.
  207. Edgy: nervous, anxious, or tense.
  208. Educated: having knowledge or skills acquired by learning.
  209. Elated: feeling very happy and excited.
  210. Emasculation: The deprival of strength or power.
  211. Embarrassed: Feeling awkward or ashamed.
  212. Emboldened: Strengthened in feeling or resolution.
  213. Emotional: Relating to or involving the emotions.
  214. Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  215. Empty: Containing nothing; void.
  216. Encouraging: Giving or being a reason for hope, courage, or confidence.
  217. Energized: Full of energy or vitality.
  218. Engaged: Participating or occupied.
  219. Engorged: Swollen or bloated from being filled with excess fluid.
  220. Engrossed: Fully absorbed in an activity.
  221. Energetic: Having or showing great vigor, spirit, or strength.
  222. Enjoyment: The state of experiencing pleasure or satisfaction.
  223. Enraged: Very angry.
  224. Entertained: Provided with amusement or enjoyment.
  225. Enthralled: Fascinated and captivated.
  226. Enthusiastic: Showing or characterized by enthusiasm.
  227. Envious: Feeling or showing envy.
  228. Erotic: Relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.
  229. Euphoric: A feeling of great happiness and well-being.
  230. Evil: Profoundly immoral and malevolent.
  231. Excitement: A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.
  232. Exasperated: Feeling or showing annoyance and impatience.
  233. Excluded: Left out and not allowed to take part.
  234. Exhausted: Extremely tired; depleted of strength and energy.
  235. Exhilarated: Feeling very cheerful and excited.
  236. Expert: A person who has a high level of knowledge or skill in a particular field.
  237. Expired: No longer valid or in effect.
  238. Exploited: Used or taken advantage of unfairly.
  239. Exposed: Unprotected or vulnerable to harm or danger.
  240. Expressed: Conveyed or communicated in words or actions.
  241. Famished: Extremely hungry.
  242. Famous: Widely known and recognized.
  243. Fatigued: Tired or exhausted.
  244. Fearful: Feeling afraid or anxious.
  245. Fearless: Showing no fear or hesitation.
  246. Ferocity: Intense or extreme aggression or violence.
  247. Fertile: Capable of producing abundant growth or offspring.
  248. Festive: joyous and celebratory.
  249. Flabbergasted: taken aback in surprise.
  250. Flat: having no variations in height or depth.
  251. Flattered: feeling pleased and complimented.
  252. Flexible: able to be easily changed or adapted.
  253. Flustered: feeling confused and disorganized.
  254. Foggy: filled with a thick mist or cloud.
  255. Fondness: feeling of great affection or attachment.
  256. Foolish: lacking sense, judgment, or discretion.
  257. Forced: pushed or compelled into doing something.
  258. Forceful: strong, vigorous, and powerful.
  259. Forgetful: having a tendency to forget things easily.
  260. Forgotten: no longer remembered or known about.
  261. Fortunate: having good luck or fortune.
  262. Fragile: easily broken, damaged, or destroyed.
  263. Frantic: feeling or showing extreme anxiety or haste.
  264. Frazzled: feeling worn out or exhausted.
  265. Free: Not under the control or constraint of another.
  266. Fretful: Feeling or expressing distress or irritation.
  267. Frightened: Feeling fear or apprehension.
  268. Frisky: Playfully lively or playful.
  269. Frustration: The feeling of being upset or annoyed due to being unable to achieve something.
  270. Fuming: Feeling or showing intense anger.
  271. Furious: Extremely angry.
  272. Gagged: Having one’s mouth covered or restrained.
  273. Gallant: Brave, heroic, or chivalrous.
  274. Gay: Happy or cheerful.
  275. Generous: Willing to give or share freely.
  276. Giddiness: A feeling of excitement or lightheartedness.
  277. Giggly: Laughing or expressing joy with a lighthearted or silly sound.
  278. Glad: Feeling happy, joyful, or satisfied.
  279. Glee: An expression of joy or delight.
  280. Gloomy: A feeling of despair, sadness, or depression.
  281. Glowing: A feeling of radiant happiness or satisfaction.
  282. Glum: Having a gloomy, sullen, or depressed outlook.
  283. Good: Having a positive outcome or result.
  284. Grateful: Feeling thankful or appreciative.
  285. Gratified: Feeling pleased or satisfied with a result.
  286. Greed: Having an excessive desire for more than what one needs or deserves.
  287. Grief-Stricken: Overwhelmed with grief and sorrow.
  288. Grievous: Very serious or severe in nature.
  289. Groped: Touching someone in an unwanted or inappropriate way.
  290. Grossed-Out: Feeling disgusted or revolted.
  291. Grouchiness: A state of feeling or behaving in a grumpy, irritable, or dissatisfied manner.
  292. Grown: Having matured or developed to an adult state.
  293. Grumpiness: A state of feeling or behaving in a grumpy, irritable, or dissatisfied manner.
  294. Guarded: Being wary, cautious, or reserved.
  295. Guilty: Feeling responsible for or having committed a wrong or crime.
  296. Hampered: Hindered or impeded progress or movement.
  297. Hankering: A strong desire or craving for something.
  298. Happiness: A state of joy, contentment, and satisfaction.
  299. Harassed: Subjected to persistent annoyance or aggression.
  300. Hard: Difficult or requiring a lot of effort.
  301. Harmonious: Marked by agreement or compatibility.
  302. Hatred: Intense dislike or aversion towards someone or something.
  303. Healthy: In good physical or mental condition.
  304. Heard: Perceived or understood through the sense of hearing.
  305. Heartbroken: Overwhelmed with grief or sadness.
  306. Heartwarming: Causing feelings of warmth, affection, or happiness.
  307. Heavy: Having great weight or density.
  308. Heavy-Hearted: Feeling deep sadness.
  309. Heavy-Laden: Laden with a great burden or weight.
  310. Helplessness: Being without power to do anything to change a situation.
  311. Herculean: Of great strength or effort.
  312. Hesitant: Reluctant to do something due to fear or uncertainty.
  313. High: Of great vertical distance.
  314. High-Powered: Possessing great power or energy.
  315. Hollow: Having an empty space inside.
  316. Homesickness: Longing for home and family.
  317. Hopeful: Feeling or expressing optimism.
  318. Hopelessness: Feeling or expressing despair.
  319. Horny: Having strong sexual desire.
  320. Horrified: Filled with horror and shock.
  321. Hostile: Feeling unfriendly or aggressive.
  322. Hot: Having a high temperature.
  323. Hot-Headed: Quick to anger.
  324. Hot-Tempered: Easily angered or provoked.
  325. Humble: Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.
  326. Humiliated: Feeling degraded or embarrassed.
  327. Hungry: Desiring nourishment.
  328. Hunted: Pursued by a hunter.
  329. Hurt: To cause physical pain or emotional suffering.
  330. Hysterical: Overly emotional and uncontrollable.
  331. Impatient: Unable to wait or tolerate something.
  332. Impotent: Lacking strength, power, or ability.
  333. Inadequate: Not sufficient or suitable for a purpose.
  334. Inattentive: Not paying attention.
  335. Idealistic: Having high, sometimes impossible, standards or beliefs.
  336. Ignored: Unnoticed or disregarded.
  337. Illicit: Prohibited by law or social conventions.
  338. Immobilized: To be made immovable or unable to move.
  339. Important: Of great significance.
  340. Impressed: Filled with admiration.
  341. Impulsive: Acting or tending to act without forethought.
  342. Inadequate: Not enough or not good enough.
  343. Incensed: Very angry.
  344. Inclined: Having a tendency or preference towards something.
  345. Indecisive: Unable to make a decision or choose between options.
  346. Indifferent: Showing no interest or concern.
  347. Indignant: Feeling anger or annoyance at something unjust or unfair.
  348. Infatuation: An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.
  349. Inferior: Lower in rank, status, or quality.
  350. Infertile: Unable to produce offspring or unable to conceive.
  351. Inflamed: Red, swollen, and painful due to inflammation.
  352. Influential: Having the power to affect or change someone or something.
  353. Infuriated: Extremely angry or enraged.
  354. Inhibited: Restrained or held back from expressing oneself.
  355. Innocent: Not guilty of a crime or wrongdoing; pure or naive.
  356. Insecurity: A lack of confidence or self-doubt.
  357. Insensitive: Lacking sensitivity or awareness of others’ feelings.
  358. Insignificant: Not important or noteworthy.
  359. Inspired: Filled with creative or intellectual stimulation.
  360. Insubordinate: Disobeying authority.
  361. Insulted: Verbally attacking someone.
  362. Intense: Extremely powerful or concentrated.
  363. Interested: Feeling curiosity or fascination.
  364. Intimate: Showing a close connection.
  365. Intimidated: Feeling fear or anxiety.
  366. Intolerant: Unable to accept different opinions.
  367. Intoxicated: Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  368. Intoxicating: Something that causes a feeling of excitement or pleasure.
  369. Intrigued: Feeling curiosity and interest.
  370. Introverted: Shy and preferring to be alone.
  371. Invisible: Unable to be seen.
  372. Involved: Participating in or connected to something.
  373. Irate: Feeling extremely angry.
  374. Irritation: A feeling of annoyance or frustration.
  375. Ironclad: Strong and unbreakable, like a ship made of iron.
  376. Irresistible: Impossible to resist or refuse.
  377. Islanded: Being on or surrounded by an island.
  378. Isolated: Being alone or separated from others.
  379. Jealous: Feeling resentment towards someone’s possessions, qualities, or achievements.
  380. Jolted: Suddenly and forcefully moved or shaken.
  381. Jittery: Nervous or anxious.
  382. Jocular: Characterized by joking or jesting.
  383. Jolliness: State of being cheerful and full of joy.
  384. Jovial: Cheerful and friendly in nature.
  385. Joy: A feeling of great happiness or delight.
  386. Jubilant: Feeling or expressing great joy or triumph.
  387. Jumpy: Nervous or easily startled.
  388. Justified: having a valid reason or justification.
  389. Keen: very eager and enthusiastic.
  390. Kid-Like: having qualities of a child.
  391. Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
  392. Lazy: disinclined to activity or exertion.
  393. Lethargic: feeling or appearing to be sluggish or apathetic.
  394. Liberated: set free from social conventions or traditional ideas.
  395. Lifeless: lacking in energy, vigor, or animation.
  396. Liking: a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment.
  397. Limited: restricted in size, amount, or scope.
  398. Livid: very angry and outraged.
  399. Loathing: intense dislike or disgust.
  400. Lonely: sad because one has no friends or company.
  401. Lonesome: feeling alone and desolate.
  402. Longing: a yearning desire.
  403. Lost: unable to find one’s way.
  404. Lovable: having qualities that attract love or affection.
  405. Lovedrunk: intoxicated by love.
  406. Lovely: attractive and pleasing.
  407. Lovesick: longing for someone one loves.
  408. Lovestruck: overwhelmed with love.
  409. Loving: showing or feeling love or strong affection.
  410. Low-spirited: lacking in energy or enthusiasm.
  411. Lucky: having or bringing good luck.
  412. Lustful: having or expressing strong sexual desire.
  413. Mad: extremely angry.
  414. Malice: the intention or desire to do evil.
  415. Manly: having qualities traditionally associated with men.
  416. Marvelous: extremely good; wonderful.
  417. Melancholic: thoughtful and depressed.
  418. Menaced: threatened with harm or punishment.
  419. Merry: cheerfully lively and joyful.
  420. Mighty: having great power and strength.
  421. Mind-Blowing: inspiring awe or amazement.
  422. Miserable: very unhappy and uncomfortable.
  423. Misunderstood: not correctly interpreted or understood.
  424. Modest: having a humble opinion of one’s own importance.
  425. Moldable: capable of being shaped or formed.
  426. Molded: formed or shaped by pressure or heat.
  427. Monotonous: lacking in variety and interest.
  428. Moodiness: A state of varying emotional changes.
  429. Morose: Having a gloomy, sullen attitude.
  430. Mortified: Extremely embarrassed or ashamed.
  431. Mournful: Feeling or expressing sorrow or grief.
  432. Moved: Emotionally affected or touched.
  433. Naked: Not clothed or covered.
  434. Nasty: Unpleasant or offensive.
  435. Needy: Requiring or depending on help from others.
  436. Nauseated: Feeling sick or disgusted.
  437. Neglected: Not given proper care or attention.
  438. Nervousness: Being anxious or agitated.
  439. Neutral: Not favoring either side in a conflict.
  440. Nice: Kind and pleasant.
  441. Nonchalant: Unconcerned or indifferent.
  442. Nonplussed: Confused or bewildered.
  443. Nostalgic: Feeling or exhibiting nostalgia.
  444. Noticed: Seen or observed.
  445. Numb: Devoid of feeling or sensation.
  446. Obligated: Bound by a moral or legal responsibility.
  447. Obsessive: Being excessively preoccupied with an idea.
  448. Offended: Hurt or upset by a perceived insult.
  449. Official: Authorized or sanctioned by authority.
  450. Optimism: Hope or confidence for the future.
  451. Outraged: Filled with indignation or anger.
  452. Over-Emotional: Reacting to situations with excessive emotion.
  453. Overjoyed: Feeling great joy or delight.
  454. Overwhelmed: Overpowered by an intense emotion.
  455. Overworked: Working too much or too hard.
  456. Pained: Experiencing physical or emotional discomfort.
  457. Panic: An overwhelming feeling of fear or anxiety.
  458. Paralyzed: Unable to move or act.
  459. Paranoid: Having an unfounded or exaggerated mistrust of others.
  460. Passionate: Having or displaying strong emotions.
  461. Passive: Unwilling to take action or make a decision.
  462. Patient: Willing to accept or endure without complaint.
  463. Patronized: Treated condescendingly.
  464. Peacefulness: A state of being peaceful or tranquil.
  465. Peeved: Annoyed or irritated.
  466. Pensive: Thoughtful or reflective.
  467. Perky: Cheerful and lively.
  468. Perplexed: Confused by something difficult to understand.
  469. Persuasive: Tending to persuade.
  470. Perturbed: Uneasy or agitated.
  471. Pessimistic: Having a negative outlook.
  472. Petrified: Paralyzed with fear.
  473. Pissed Off: Extremely angry.
  474. Pity: Feeling sorry for someone or something.
  475. Plain: Lacking complexity or interest.
  476. Playful: Engaging in fun activities.
  477. Pleasant: Enjoyable or agreeable.
  478. Pleased: Feeling satisfaction or contentment.
  479. Pleasure: Enjoyment or satisfaction.
  480. Polite: Showing respect and consideration for others.
  481. Positive: Having a hopeful outlook.
  482. Powerful: Having great strength or influence.
  483. Powerless: Lacking strength or authority.
  484. Preoccupied: Being focused on something to the exclusion of other things.
  485. Productive: Resulting in the creation of something.
  486. Professional: Being skilled or knowledgeable in a particular field.
  487. Pronoia: The belief that the universe is conspiring to help you.
  488. Proper: Being in accordance with accepted standards.
  489. Proud: Feeling pleased or satisfied with oneself.
  490. Provocative: Stimulating interest or curiosity.
  491. Provoked: Causing a reaction or response.
  492. Pure: Free from contamination or adulteration.
  493. Purposeful: Done with intention or for a specific end.
  494. Puzzled: Perplexed or confused.
  495. Quaking: Shaking or trembling with fear.
  496. Quiet: Characterized by a lack of noise.
  497. Rabid: Having an extreme enthusiasm.
  498. Radiant: Glowing brightly.
  499. Rage: Severe anger or fury.
  500. Rapture: Intense joy or delight.
  501. Rattled: Feeling anxious or agitated.
  502. Reassured: Feeling secure or comforted.
  503. Rebellious: Resisting authority or control.
  504. Regaled: Entertained or delighted.
  505. Regretful: Feeling sorrow or remorse.
  506. Reinforced: Strengthened or supported.
  507. Rejection: Refusal to accept or acknowledge.
  508. Rejuvenated: Feeling refreshed or revitalized.
  509. Relaxed: Feeling calm and at ease
  510. Reliable: Able to be trusted or depended on
  511. Relieved:  Feeling less anxious or stressed.
  512. Reluctance: Unwillingness or hesitation to do something
  513. Remarkable: Extraordinary or worthy of attention
  514. Remorseful: Feeling regret or guilt for past actions
  515. Repelled: Feeling a strong dislike or aversion towards something
  516. Repugnant: Extremely distasteful or offensive
  517. Repulsed: Feeling strong disgust or revulsion
  518. Resentful: Feeling bitterness or anger towards someone or something
  519. Reserved: Tending to keep one’s thoughts and feelings to oneself
  520. Resigned: Relinquishing one’s position or attitude voluntarily.
  521. Resolved: Making a firm decision about something.
  522. Respected: Having admiration and esteem for someone or something.
  523. Restful: Providing a sense of peace and relaxation.
  524. Revitalized: Regaining energy and strength.
  525. Revolted: Strongly rejecting something.
  526. Revulsion: A strong feeling of disgust.
  527. Rich: Possessing a great deal of wealth or resources.
  528. Ridiculed: Making fun of someone or something in a mocking way.
  529. Rigid: Unbending in one’s attitude or opinion.
  530. Ripped: Torn or pulled apart forcefully.
  531. Road Rage: Outburst of anger or aggression while driving.
  532. Romanticist: Someone who is driven by idealized and utopian ideals.
  533. Rooted: Firmly planted or entrenched.
  534. Sabotaged: Deliberately attempting to damage or destroy something.
  535. Sadness: A feeling of sorrow or unhappiness.
  536. Sacred: Regarded as holy and worthy of spiritual respect.
  537. Sane: Mentally sound and rational.
  538. Sappiness: Excessive sentimentality or emotionalism.
  539. Satisfied: Feeling content or fulfilled.
  540. Scared: Filled with fear or terror.
  541. Scorn: Contemptuous ridicule or disdain.
  542. Secure: Feeling safe and protected.
  543. Seen: Observed or noticed.
  544. Seething: Boiling with anger or resentment.
  545. Self-Accepting: Being able to accept oneself without judgement.
  546. Self-Assured: Having confidence in oneself.
  547. Self-Conscious: Feeling overly aware of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  548. Self-Doubting: Having a lack of confidence in oneself.
  549. Self-Loathing: Feelings of deep disgust and unhappiness with oneself.
  550. Self-Pity: Feeling sorry for oneself due to perceived suffering or misfortune.
  551. Selfish: Concerned mainly with one’s own interests or welfare.
  552. Sensual: Relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite.
  553. Sensuous: Relating to or providing physical pleasure through the senses.
  554. Sentimental: Showing or expressing tender, romantic, or nostalgic emotion.
  555. Serene: Calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
  556. Shaky: Unsteady, trembling, or vibrating.
  557. Shaken: Affected by a strong emotion or shock.
  558. Shame: A painful feeling of humiliation or distress; feeling wrong or foolish behavior.
  559. Shocked: Experiencing or expressing shock or dismay.
  560. Shredded: Torn or cut into small pieces.
  561. Shy: Reluctant to do something because of a lack of self-confidence or fear of embarrassment.
  562. Sick: Affected by physical or mental illness.
  563. Sickened: Filled with disgust or revulsion.
  564. Simple: Uncomplicated, straightforward, or easy to understand.
  565. Sincere: Genuine and not feigned.
  566. Skeptical: Showing or expressing doubt about something.
  567. Small: Of a size that is less than average.
  568. Smugness: A sense of self-satisfaction or complacency.
  569. Snoopy: Inquisitive and prying in an annoying way.
  570. Sober: Not affected by alcohol; serious and sensible.
  571. Solid: Firm, stable, and not easily broken or damaged.
  572. Somberness: A feeling of gloominess or seriousness.
  573. Soothed: Comforted or relieved.
  574. Sorrowful: Feeling, expressing, or accompanied by sorrow.
  575. Sorry: Feeling regret, sadness, or any other strong emotion because of a misfortune or offence.
  576. Special: Unique or distinctive in some way.
  577. Speechless: Unable to speak or express oneself in words.
  578. Spiritless: Lacking enthusiasm, energy, or courage.
  579. Spirituous: Containing or relating to alcohol.
  580. Spiteful: Showing or motivated by a desire to harm, annoy, or offend someone
  581. Spoiled: Having been treated with excessive indulgence and therefore lacking discipline or restraint
  582. Spooked: Feeling frightened or unnerved
  583. Stable: Steady and not likely to change or collapse
  584. Stagnant: Not flowing or moving, often resulting in lack of progress or development
  585. Stale: No longer fresh or interesting
  586. Stalked: Being followed or pursued in a persistent and threatening manner
  587. Startled: Feeling sudden surprise or alarm
  588. Stiff: Rigidly rigid.
  589. Stifled: Stuck in a confined space.
  590. Stingy: Unwilling to part with money.
  591. Stirred: Moved around in a liquid.
  592. Stodgy: Dull and uninteresting.
  593. Strangled: Choked or smothered.
  594. Strategic: Relating to strategy or tactics.
  595. Stressed: Feeling overwhelmed.
  596. Stripped: Removed clothing or coverings.
  597. Strong: Possessing great power or force.
  598. Stubborn: Refusing to give in or change.
  599. Stuffy: Close and stuffy atmosphere.
  600. Stunned: Overwhelmed with shock.
  601. Stupefied: Dumbfounded or confused.
  602. Stupid: Showing or having little intelligence.
  603. Sturdy: Solidly built or constructed.
  604. Submissive: Willing to obey commands.
  605. Successful: Achieving a desired result.
  606. Suffering: Experiencing pain or distress.
  607. Sulky: Gloomy and resentful.
  608. Superior: Of a higher quality or rank.
  609. Supple: Flexible and easy to bend.
  610. Surprise: Unexpected event or occurrence.
  611. Suspicious: Doubting the truth or accuracy.
  612. Swamped: Overcome with an overwhelming number of things.
  613. Swollen: Enlarged or distended.
  614. Sympathy: Feeling of pity or sorrow.
  615. Taken aback: Surprised or shocked.
  616. Tamed: Domesticated or trained to be obedient
  617. Tedious: Boring and repetitive
  618. Tenacious: Persistent and determined
  619. Tender: Showing gentleness and care
  620. Tense: Feeling nervous or anxious
  621. Terrible: Extremely bad or unpleasant
  622. Terrified: Filled with extreme fear
  623. Thankful: Feeling gratitude or appreciation
  624. Thoughtful: Considerate and reflective
  625. Threatened: Feeling in danger or at risk
  626. Thrilled: Excited and filled with joy
  627. Throttled: Restrained or limited in some way
  628. Thunderous: Loud and powerful, like the sound of thunder
  629. Thunderstruck: Astonished or shocked to the point of being unable to speak
  630. Timid: Shy or lacking in confidence
  631. Tired: Feeling exhausted or lacking energy
  632. Tiresome: Boring or tedious
  633. Tolerant: Accepting and understanding of different opinions or behaviors
  634. Torn: Feeling conflicted or undecided
  635. Touched: Moved or emotionally affected by something
  636. Tough: Resilient and strong.
  637. Tragic: Causing or marked by profound grief or disappointment.
  638. Trained: Having acquired knowledge or skills through study or experience.
  639. Tranquil: Calm, peaceful, and undisturbed.
  640. Trapped: Unable to escape or get free.
  641. Trashed: To have been ruined or destroyed.
  642. Trembling: To shake or quiver uncontrollably.
  643. Troubled: To have physical or psychological distress.
  644. Triumph: A great victory or success.
  645. Trust: Belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
  646. Tormented: To be mentally or physically distressed.
  647. Uneasy: Feeling of discomfort or anxiety.
  648. Ugly: Displeasing to the eye or unpleasant to look at.
  649. Unappreciated: Not given proper recognition or value.
  650. Unassertive: Lacking in self-confidence or courage to assert oneself.
  651. Unbearable: Too painful or intense to be borne.
  652. Unbelieved: Not accepted as true or accurate. 
  653. Unbelieving: Refusing to accept or believe something. 
  654. Uncertain: Not known or definite.
  655. Uncomfortable: Physically or mentally uneasy or distressed.
  656. Unconfident: Lacking in confidence or assurance.
  657. Undecided: Not having made a choice or decision.
  658. Undisturbed: Not having been disturbed or interfered with.
  659. Uneasiness: A feeling of anxiety or disquiet.
  660. Unfamiliar: Not known or not experienced before.
  661. Unfortunate: Having bad luck or being unlucky.
  662. Unimpressed: Not favorably affected or influenced.
  663. Unhappiness: The state of being unhappy or dissatisfied.
  664. Unloved: Not loved or cared for.
  665. Unnoticed: Not noticed or observed.
  666. Unprepared: Not ready or organized for something.
  667. Unquenchable: incapable of being satisfied.
  668. Unsettled: not resolved or decided.
  669. Unstable: not secure or reliable.
  670. Unsure: lacking in confidence or assuredness.
  671. Untroubled: free from worry or anxiety.
  672. Unwanted: not desired or requested.
  673. Unworried: not apprehensive or anxious.
  674. Unworthy: not deserving of respect or attention.
  675. Upset: distressed or agitated.
  676. Uptight: tense, anxious, or nervous.
  677. Used: previously owned or employed.
  678. Useless: not useful or not serving any purpose.
  679. Validated: confirmed or authenticated.
  680. Valued: regarded with respect or appreciation.
  681. Vanquished: defeated or overcome.
  682. Vengefulness: a desire to take revenge.
  683. Victimized: treated cruelly or unfairly.
  684. Vigorous: energetic and strong.
  685. Vindicated: freed from blame or doubt.
  686. Vindictive: having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge.
  687. Violated: to break a law or a promise.
  688. Vulnerable: exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed
  689. Wanderlust: a strong longing for or impulse toward wandering.
  690. Wariness: alertness to possible danger or problems.
  691. Waspish: ill-tempered and bad-tempered.
  692. Weak: lacking the power to perform demanding tasks; having little physical or mental strength.
  693. Wealthy: having a great deal of money or possessions; rich.
  694. Weary: tired and exhausted.
  695. Weird: suggesting something supernatural; unearthly.
  696. Well-Built: physically strong; having a well-proportioned body.
  697. Well-Pleased: feeling satisfaction or contentment.
  698. Whimsical: humorous, lighthearted, and unpredictable.
  699. Willful: determined to have one’s own way; obstinate.
  700. Wistful: having or expressing a longing or wistful affection.
  701. Withdrawn: having a tendency to be distant from other people; shy.
  702. Woeful: full of sorrow or misery.
  703. Wonderful: extremely good; delightful.
  704. Worked Up: excited or agitated.
  705. Worried: feeling anxious or uneasy about something.
  706. Worthlessness: having little or no value or usefulness.
  707. Worthy: having admirable qualities or abilities; deserving respect.
  708. Wounded: Injured, either physically or emotionally.
  709. Wowed: To be filled with amazement or admiration.
  710. Wrathful: Very angry or filled with rage.
  711. Wronged: To be treated unfairly or unjustly.
  712. Yearning: A strong and intense feeling of desire.
  713. Yo-yoed: To fluctuate or to rise and fall repeatedly.
  714. Zeal: Enthusiasm and passionate devotion.
  715. Zest: Enjoyment, energy, and excitement.